Pepsi will layoff 4000 employees

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PepsiCo Inc. is considering to cut approximately 4,000 employees and reduce pension contributions in order to increase their income.

Citing a source, reported the New York Post, quoted by Reuters on Friday (06.01.2012), currently the company offers retirement plans and matching contributions to 401 thousand retirement savings account.

One of these large companies believe that by offering both of these is an act that is more generous.

Pepsi-party claims when 401 thousand by eliminating the retirement savings account that will save the company up to USD75 million. The layoffs, accounting for approximately one percent more than the payroll company, will include a small number of workers at its headquarters.

Known, Pepsi employs approximately 300 thousand employees worldwide. As for 2000 of whom work in the purchasing department.

A PepsiCo spokesman said that any changes that affect employees will be communicated to employees beforehand. The company, like other consumer products companies, have sought to find ways to operate more efficiently, including trim level of employment.

“As part of our annual review, we are working to optimize the benefit to employees and companies, and provide a level of competitive advantage,” says PepsiCo spokesman Jeff Dahncke.

According to him, the information contained in certain media reports are not accurate and any changes that affect employees will be communicated to them in advance. Shares of PepsiCo fell 53 cents to record USD66, 21 on Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange.

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